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Weight gain after gastric bypass.

Patient after gastric bypass may lose between 75-80 %of their excess weight in the first 18 months, it is expected to gain 10-15%back after the second year but if the patient started to gain more than 25% of their lost weight and continue to gain weight, this is considered failure and requires investigation.


The most common reason, related to dilation of the pouch and the stoma (the opening between the stomach and the intestine,)

Other reasons including bad diet habit and psychological eating disorder.

If weight gain is related to dilation of the pouch or the stoma several options are considered including sclerotherapy or revision of the pouch and the stoma, Dr. Jawad developed technique to do that that allowed his patient to stop gaining weight and start to loose.

Failed stomach stapling procedure

In the 70-80-and early 90 Gastric stapling procedures were performed for weight loss, these procedure had high failure rate and complications requires to revise these procedures and convert them to gastric bypass . Among these procedures ,Vertical Banded Gastroplasty,  Silastic  Ring Gastroplasty  and Horizontal Gastroplasty.

Failed sleeve gastrectomy

Some patient may gain more than 25% of their weight loss after sleeve gastrectomy due to dilation of the sleeve that require revision to let them start losing weight.

Other problem that can happen with the sleeve patient  is developing severe reflux that become not responding to medical management ,this require conversion to gastric bypass to avoid the complication of reflux.

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